Most Common Asked COVID Vaccine Questions and Answers


How do I register for the COVID vaccine?

Go to If you need additional help, contact HMS Family Support.

I am having trouble registering for the vaccine, can HMS help?

Please contact HMS Family Support and we are happy to help you.

Which vaccine does HMS offer?

HMS is currently administering the Moderna Vaccine to registered persons through the New Mexico Department of Health.

Does HMS have a waiting list for COVID vaccinations if there are left over shots or no-shows?

HMS does have a waiting list. We are following NMDOH guidelines which say that we can vaccinate patients that are 75 years of age and older (1b category). We have a list of established HMS patients that are 75 years and over that we call.

How does HMS handle the COVID vaccination process?

HMS is utilizing the NMDOH vaccine registration process to determine which individuals will receive the vaccine. The provider vaccination process involves these steps:

1. HMS confirms with NMDOH that a shipment is scheduled to be delivered

2. HMS registers the vaccination event

3. NMDOH issues HMS an event code

4. NMDOH auto-populates a list for HMS containing the individuals who are "next available" to receive the vaccine at the HMS event

5. NMDOH notifies those selected individuals

6. Selected individuals are asked by the NMDOH to select a link, enter the event code, and pick a time from the available date and time slots to receive their vaccination, then are issued a confirmation code

7. Individuals report on the date and time scheduled for their vaccination and the individual provides confirmation code to HMS at time of appointment, and receives vaccination.

Most Common Asked COVID Testing Questions and Answers

How can I get a COVID test?

If no symptoms, schedule with any Patient Specialist at any HMS site. If symptoms, we can offer you an appointment to see a provider via video, phone or outside in the clinic parking lot, you can get a COVID test then.

Where can I get my COVID test?

By appointment at any HMS site.

How do I get my COVID Test results?

We will notify you about your results. Our nursing staff is happy to review your results with you. Please give us a call. Test results are back as early as 24 hours in some cases.

How can I get a release to return to work after getting COVID test results?

You can obtain a copy of your results or a letter to give your employer. The letter states that you had a test and on what date and any follow up care needed. Please call us if you need that information. You can also print a copy of your results online through our Patient Portal.