Patient Portal

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Read the following before making an appointment through the Patient Portal

HMS is now offering the ability to schedule your next medical appointment through the Patient Portal. There are two types of medical visits available, a long or a short visit. Please choose according to your specific need. For appointments other than medical, please call our offices to schedule an appointment.

Long Visit:

New or Establishing with new Provider

Annual Physical Exam

Well Male Exam

Well Women’s Exam

Well Child Check


Hospital or ER follow-up

3 or more Medical problems (e.g. High Blood pressure + Diabetes + Hypothyroidism)

Short Visit:

Blood Pressure follow-up

Follow-up on Labs

Minor problems (e.g. cough, cold, sore throat, earache, rash)

Minor Injury (ankle sprain, knee pain)

2 or fewer medical problems

Medication refill/ Medication follow-up

The following features are currently available to users of the HMS Patient Portal:

    • Request prescription refills
    • Submitting medical appointment requests
    • Receiving appointment reminder requests via email
    • View lab and imaging results
    • Request medical records
    • Viewing current and past billing statements
    • Viewing information in the Patient Health Record
    • Join telehealth visit

The patient’s PHI (Protected Health Information) is only accessible from a browser with SSL support which ensures all information transmitted over the internet is encrypted and secure. Additionally, no one except the patient has access to the password.

Please call 575-800-1HMS for questions regarding the HMS Patient Portal.