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“Would you like to get help to feel better, prevent illness, and learn how to manage illnesses you or your child have? HMS Care Coordination can help connect you to services to meet your medical, behavioral health and social needs.”

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“Sometimes navigating your care needs, understanding the services available, or being able to access services can be overwhelming. HMS is here to support you!”

Free care coordination services are available at HMS Bridges to Care, funded through CareLink NM. Care coordination services are available to all eligible Hidalgo and Grant County residents. Eligibility includes a behavioral health diagnosis with a physical health condition or being at risk for a physical health condition. You do not need to be an HMS patient to receive services. Contact Bridges to Care for additional guidance.

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1Attending Appointments

For persons feeling anxious about appointments or having difficulty understanding and remembering what they are told during an appointment. HMS team members assist by attending appointments with the patient.

2Navigating Processes

For persons concerned about navigating through all of their health care needs, providers, services, and referrals, HMS coordinated care providers are available to help.

3Advocating For Needs

For persons stressed about insurance and how to navigate what is owed, what should be paid, and how to manage insurance issues, Coordinate Care team members serve as advocates in the process.

4Obtaining Goals

HMS providers assist with helping individuals with recovery goals, resiliency goals, health and wellness goals, by standing with individuals in the program.