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Enhanced Telehealth Services:
Free Phone Program. Contact Telehealth Coordinator: 575-597-2421
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Family Support Services
Child Safety Seat Education/Distribution
Family Support Services
Community Resources:
Access to SNAP food assistance, utility, assistance, and referrals for housing and transportation needs
Family Support Services
Diabetes Education
Family Support Services
Sliding Fee Enrollment:
Offers significant discounts and assures access to health care for all with incomes at or below 200% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines.
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Family Support Services
Imagination Library:
Free book program, for children under 5 years of age. Hidalgo County only!
Parenting Classes and Outreach Event Coordination
Family Support Services
Insurance Enrollment
for Medicaid, Medicare, and New Mexico Exchange


The importance of individuals having support systems goes beyond the medical, dental or mental health visit for true health and quality of life.

Integrated care is a large component of Family Support Services at HMS. Our Community Health Workers (CHWs) work alongside medical providers to address issues in the patient’s home environment that might stand in the way of health outcomes.

The HMS Family Support Services staff provides a wide range of services that address social determinants of health and chronic stress issues that often affect patient health outcomes.

A vast array of other social services are provided, including support to our senior citizen population.

HMS Family Support Services provides education, distribution, and installation of child safety seats through the NMCSSDP. This program is funded by the New Mexico Department of Transportation (NMDOT) Traffic Safety Division (TSD) and administered by Safer New Mexico Now (Safer NM). Motor vehicle-related injuries remain the leading cause of death for children over one year of age. Using child safety seats decreases the risk of death by an estimated 71 percent for infants and 54 percent for older children. It has been shown that child safety seat distribution programs increase child safety seat use rates. With 25% of children living below the poverty line in New Mexico, this program helps to protect our most vulnerable population.

The program allows for limited distribution of reduced-cost car seats and booster seats to low-income families who meet program requirements. For more information about this program, please call HMS Family Support Services at (575) 534-0248 in Grant County or (575) 542-8384 in Hidalgo County.

HMS Family Support Services provides assistance to members of the community in obtaining free vouchers for the purchase of eyeglass frames and lenses through the New Eyes for the Needy program. The vouchers are redeemable for the purchase of basic prescription glasses for people in financial need in the U.S. A New Eyes voucher typically covers the cost of a basic pair of single or lined bifocal eyeglasses.

To be eligible for the program, applicants must: Have household income at or below 100% of the U.S. Poverty guidelines. Have had a recent eye exam. New Eyes does not pay for eye exams. Have no other resources available to them to pay for glasses, including federal or state programs or assistance from local charitable organizations. For more information about this program, please call HMS Family Support Services at (575) 534-0248 in Grant County or (575) 542-8384 in Hidalgo County.